Monday, 18 February 2013

Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation for Extreme Midgets

Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation is a group of individuals who draw up to 5000 people per show per year in support of the midget wrestling community. They have been ranked #1 by the Night Club and Bar Magazine for the Best Alternative Act. They tour around the globe to provide unique shows that will surely entertain the whole world.

Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation Website Perks

The Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation Website allows you to interact with other fans and even their midgets. It gives unlimited access so fans can upload images and create groups. It also provides blogs where you can write anything about the midget wrestling experience you have or any thoughts you want to share to fellow fans. The website will also show the names of the midget wrestlers namely Lil Rampage, POD, Mike Hawk, Tiny Terminator, Little Devil, and Nasty Boy.

The web also provides you links of all of their printed articles about the tours and the midget wrestlers. Links to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are all provided so fans can interact more and be updated with the latest trend. 

The Baddest Little Show on Earth for Midget Wrestling

The Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation has been touring the US since 2000 bringing unique shows from talented and action packed midgets. They have been around the country in bars and clubs to cater to sport enthusiasts around the globe but minor setbacks still happen like the Missouri incident where paper work and other legal matters hinder midget wrestlers to perform.

It has always been a challenge for the midget wrestlers to be accepted in the industry without being questioned about the quality of their shows. This wrestling federation aims to continue what has been started by the legends of midget wrestling and to help these dedicated wrestlers achieve that dream.  They need more sponsors to support their team and in order to do that they have to be allowed to perform without prejudice and bias.

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