Monday, 28 January 2013

A History: Midget Wrestling With A Big Dreamer

One of the pioneers of midget wrestling was Sky Low Low (July 21, 1928 – November 6, 1998) who was a Canadian who became a professional midget wrestler in the 1950s. Born as Marcel Gauthier, Sky Low Low was only 42 inches tall weighing 86 pounds. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame has paid tribute to Sky Low Low for his contributions to midget wrestling.

Sky Low Low: Midget Wrestling Champion

Sky Low Low was the first to own the National Wrestling Alliance's World Midget Championship. He was also known as "The Little Atlas of the Wrestling World" who travelled constantly around the world fighting with the best midget wrestlers around the world under the management of Jack Britton. He was also popular for his tricks such as a hundred dollar bet where he challenges other midgets to beat him in a two out of three falls match. One of his most memorable fights was with Little Beaver in a match for Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
One of the signature moves of Sky Low Low was called the "dropkick" move in midget wrestling. It is an attack that kicks the opponent after a high jump. This move was easily performed by wrestlers who had the ability to attack the opponent. Sky Low Low was able to use this move because of his size and light physique.

Sky Low Low as an Inspiration in Midget Wrestling

Sky Low Low was a champion until the end of his career. He was inducted in the Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame, One time Champion in the National Wrestling Alliance, and The PWI Midget Wrestler of the Year. He died in 1998 of heart attack but inspired many hearts because of his notable contribution in midget wrestling. An inspiration to his fellow wrestlers, it was a sad day in wrestling when he passed away at the age of 70.
Midget Wrestling faced a number of controversies when it started.  Sky Low Low was one fighter who pursued a dream bigger than his fears.

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